Rigibore at EMO 2017

Rigibore will be showcasing at the EMO 2017 show along with industry-leading brands, with a focus on Industry 4.0.

  • Hannover, Germany. Hall 4 G69.
  • 18th Sep — 23rd Sep 2017
  • 3 - 4 week lead time on special tooling
  • Boring bars or combination tools that save cycle time and increase productivity
  • Automatic, 'closed loop' compensating boring system - ActiveEdge
  • Fixed pocket tooling
  • HSK special boring bars
  • BT, CAT, CAPTO and straight shank special boring tools

Our unique in-house developed design software provides us with the capabilities to offer almost limitless special tooling solutions.

This software also allows us to provide our customer with a quick quotation service, usually within 24 hours as well as a short delivery time. We can design, manufacture and deliver tools in a short lead time (4-6 weeks) at highly competitive prices.

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